Taishir to Tosontsengel – off-road dream, sand, dust & awesome landscape

Day 22-23. “Mongolia”. 151 km and 203 km.

These 2 stages were best and most challenging ones so far. The scenery was beautiful and I started to take more panorama pics to try to catch the vastness you can not see on the standard pics (just have simple objective and a wide-angle objective with me…). The tracks were often sandy and my ride buddies were fighting with their larger bikes. “Khan” went steady through everything – but I really missed my KTM. The “road” often split into several lanes or you just opened a new one.  :o) Just awesome… We did only 151 km on the first leg and reached “tired and dusty” Uliastai in the early evening.

The second leg continued in the same way as the day before – but it was a really hot day and some sections offered more sand… :o) We stopped in Tosontsengel for late lunch/early dinner and found a beautiful camping spot some km after town at the river Ider.


Tired and happy at a fuel station – somewhere…

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