A short one: “Driving to work” – visiting TET Sweden and Inlandsvägen (E45) on my way to Sunderby hospital

Last posts were a long time ago. After EAST 2017 I just have time for a limited tour in 2018. An exiting project: Driving to work…  haha :o)

The plan:

I’m regularly working for a few days in Sunderby/Luleå each month, usually taking the plane. To combine the journey with some visits to TET (https://www.transeurotrail.org/sweden/) and Inlandsvägen makes it a really nice 2.270 km short tour to Luleå in 5.5 days. Return within 2.5 days via boring motorway (E4). Plans usually change…

Screen Shot 2018-08-08 at 11.55.53

Vader was “reconditioned” during last winter after EAST_2017 with a lot things replaced.  He got a pannier rack again and also a new luggage system “Scout 25” from Mosko moto (the previous R80 was worn out). The pannier rack adds some weight, but stabilises the rear and I quite often missed something to hold on (when stuck in a river…). The rear fender was renewed (R80’s had eaten through it…). As for luggage systems: I still stick to soft luggage… I like the design of the Scouts 25 – a little bit simpler than the R80’s and a nice “clean” setup. And a new “hidden” thing: 1″ Kouba link… yes, I have lowered the beast a little bit. When I fell it was mainly due to my short legs… 1″ will definitely reduce my affinity to the ground without hampering the bike too much.

Day 1:

I managed 340 km to Hjo during Wednesday afternoon and stayed at nice camping ground at the lake Vättern. And experienced the first real rain this summer… :0)

But still not allowed to lite a campfire or a stove… cold food it is… 😂


Day 2:




Day 3:




Day 4:



Day 5:


Day 6-8:

Day 9-11:


driving to work_2018.png



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