Reaching Fairfield guesthouse in Tsetserleg & trying to get info’s about Vader.

Day 24-26. “Mongolia”. 380 km, 0 & 0 km.

After Tosontsengel the centre road is paved all the way to Ulan Bator. The landscape is nice but driving dull again. Cedric got a sick stomach last night and was in a bad shape. We continued slowly to the white lake at Tariat and after a short discussion we decided to split up. Robert and Matthias stayed at the lake and the rest continued to Tsetserleg. Cedric wanted a nice place to recover and I needed to get in contact with the workshop in UB to get some info’s about Vader (with help of a Mongolian translator – no English). I just a got text message from Blue Wolf Camp in Ölgii that the bike had arrived in UB (Banu – you are wonderful!!!). I was curious and nervous if I would be able to continue my trip. In UB I will meet Hans from Germany and he can bring some spare parts – but which parts? I was running out of time.. at least I thought so…

The Fairfield Guesthouse was already on my waypoint list. The Australian owner Murray Benn is super friendly and also wrote an invitation last year I needed for my Mongolian visa. It’s a great place to stay after an overland trip and relax. There are interesting places nearby. Nice facilities and great food.

With help of the reception/office I got contact to KTM Mongolia several times but they hadn’t found the problem in the ignition system yet. The suspected ignition coil was ok… I got more nervous and it was a little bit difficult to enjoy the stay and relax. At Fairfield we met Sebastian and Yulia – friendly and lovely couple riding 2 up on a Triumph Tiger. We changed their tube in the front wheel together and spent a nice time together. Cedric left after one night and continued his journey to Japan. Hope I will meet you again Cedric! I really enjoyed your company!


3 thoughts on “Reaching Fairfield guesthouse in Tsetserleg & trying to get info’s about Vader.

  1. Was fun to see you with a beard and smile on your face. It suits you so you should keep it. Christer and I are reading your stories and looking at the photos. #bothjealous! Oasis looks amazing. Hope you are meeting some interesting people.

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