UB city – hanging around – new ride buddies – servicing in a Mongolian workshop

Day 29-33. “Mongolia”. 0, 0, 0, 0, 98 km.

The days were passing by at the Oasis guesthouse. I met Rob again, who arrived with his girlfriend. I met another Hans from Netherland a 70 years old, who travels around in Asia on his F 800 GS alone. Thomas, Uwe and Uwe and… many more – each evening was filled with great company, amazing stories and a lot of fun. Due to cancelled flights and problems with connecting flights, Hans and Kai did not arrive on Sunday, instead they came quite tired on Monday morning to Oasis. They had Asmir in their company. Kai and Asmir travelled last year a bit together and Kai already rode the BAM. Asmir will travel around Mongolia alone. Hans, Kai, Christian and me will ride together on the BAM and Road of Bones. Asmir already knew UB and we spend an afternoon in the city centre together. Thank you Asmir!

With one day delay we got access to the crates at the shipping company. Hans had sent his bike to UB and Kai stored his bike last year here. I placed tyres, chain, sprockets and other service parts in Hans’ crate.

With the service parts I went to KTM Mongolia again. Vader and me got a lift in their truck to their workshop in the outskirts of UB. At the workshop I met Ganselem, who is member of the KTM Mongolia racing team. He’s speaking Swedish and his family lives in Stockholm. When Vader arrived he saw the number plate and Swedish flag on the bike and cleaned the whole bike! He’s a great guy and I hope to see him again in Sweden!

Service and changing tyres went well. Ganselem showed me a strange trailer in one corner of the compound – you use for training wheelies (want… ;o)  ).

On Wednesday Asmir and I went for a test drive to the Genghis Khan monument outside UB. Asmir’s bike got also some repair and he wanted to test his bike too. The bikes were running well and we had a good time together. See you again somewhere Asmir!

The next day and after lot of farewells we finally left Mongolia and are now on our way to Baikal – a new stage!!!

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