Failure in the ignition system – the black market – finding Khan – registration “quest”.

Day 18-19. “Mongolia” – Ölgii. 0 km.

Directly in the morning I started to work on the bike. Cedric and Christian decided to wait and stay with me. The start plug looked ok – but no visible spark – same with a new spark plug. The voltage indicator showed that electricity reaches at least the ignition coil. Ignition coil failure or something “higher” up in the ignition system. Banu – the manager from the office of the Blue Wolf Camp – called 2 mechanics to the place. They disassembled the ignition coil and we went by taxi to different places in town to find some suitable replacement. We only got a smaller coil from a Chinese bike –  it just got hot and failed directly…

At noon we gave up and I had to consider different options: Going back to Russia and try to fix the bike at Altai Moto. Stay more days in Ölgii and try to get spare parts from Europe (but which?). Send the bike home and return. Or send the bike first to Ulan Bator (UB) and travel by bus to UB. Or… Send the bike to UB and buy a Chinese motorcycle (everybody is using here in Mongolia) and drive to UB. The last option was the best and craziest… :o)

In the late afternoon/early evening I went to the black market and quickly found a hidden motorcycle store with Chinese bikes and spare parts. There was only one type of bike available:  A new “Dayun super eco” 150 ccm for 6500 SEK :o). The owner of the store brought us to his home and hidden storage. There I bought “Khan”…

The following day was crazy. Banu helped med to register the bike (on her name) and we went to 8 different offices in town to get documents, stamps and signatures etc. Without her help it would have been impossible. Thank you Banu!!!! Late afternoon I got my number plate. :o)

In parallel we organised the transport of “Vader” to an inoffical KTM store and workshop in UB. Banu worked hard the whole day and did “magic”. In the afternoon a modified bus/transporter came and picked up the bike (for just 3000 SEK).

We decided to continue our journey on the next day. In the evening we went to an “Irish Pub” which turned out to be an asian Karaoke bar with canned beer from Singapore… And after one round we went to a nice Mongolian restaurant.

I hope “Vader” will arrive safely and they are able to repair the ignition system…


6 thoughts on “Failure in the ignition system – the black market – finding Khan – registration “quest”.

  1. What a crazy Tour!🤗
    For me only important, that you come back, h e a l t h y😘
    You need holidays after your holidays😂😎

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  2. Cool new bike you have going for you Patrick! 😛 We also have the DR 650 in pieces after a gnarly crash that knocked Filip out, near Durgun.

    Btw this might be a dumb tip or one that you have already checked, but I have had a spark plug boot making bad connection with its cable from the coil. The boot features a screw on the opposite side to the female socket for the plug. I cannot remember if left or right hand thread but you could always try to screw it off from the boot and check the condition of the copper wires inside the coil cable. Maybe try one of those pen-bulbs against them directly? Good luck!

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  3. Freut mich sehr Patrick, dass es dort weitergegangen ist, sorry bin hintennach mit den super posts lesen!
    ist sicher noch geil, mal zwischendurch ein solches Moped zu fahren, passt ja zur gegend 🙂
    wichtig ist, dass du den 2spokesshort-Kleber dranmachen konntest, einfach geil!
    Grüsse aus der heissen Schweiz und weiterhin good and safe driving!

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