Challenges of the BAM, Vitim bridge & meeting Johan in Kuanda.

Day 45-46, “BAM”. Only 83 & 47 km…

The following days were challenging. The BAM road offered all kind of difficulties. We left Taksimo after a fuel stop and the obligatory picture of the ANT-4 monument – a survey aircraft that crashed into the lake near Taksimo and that was recovered by railway workers, restored and mounted there. We were heading to the famous Vitim bridge but the road was flooded and deep pools blocked our way. I drowned Vader in one of those and had to empty the airbox. Luckily I was quick enough and no water reached the engine… We used the railway track to get near the bridge. The weather became quite bad and after only a few kilometres we decided to stay in one of these sheds for the railway workers.

Screen Shot 2017-07-25 at 09.52.36

The next day started nicer but we were  welcomed again by large water pools and just 1600 m before the Vitim I got my 4th flat on this journey – rear wheel as usual… A large nail this time – damn… Less than 30 min and the inner tube was changed! (practice…). I was tired when I reached the Vitim bridge and decided to walk the bike over – not to drive. Would have been cool – but not worth the risk. The bridge is in a bad shape and has some larger holes in the second half. The Vitim river was high and had a strong current.

A few km after the bridge we arrived in Kuanda and visited Johan’s store. Kai did the BAM road last year and were already in contact with Johan, who is a “Russian German”. We were warmly welcomed and were served a BBQ in the evening. Kuanda has approximately 2.400 residents. The town was planned for 24.000 and some buildings are unfinished.


One thought on “Challenges of the BAM, Vitim bridge & meeting Johan in Kuanda.

  1. Schöne Photos und interessant alles geschildert👍Weiterhin viel Spaß und nette Leute auf dem Trip. Und vor allen Dingen schöneres Wetter🌞

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