Baikal – Olkhon island

Day 37-39. “Baikal”. 300, 63 & 0 km.

Hans and I rode to Olkhon. The weather was sunny and the road was good. With just a fuel stop and a lunch break with Russian Borsch on our way, we made it quickly to the ferry. On the island we were welcomed with “tarmac-free” and sandy roads :o). The landscape was amazing – blue water, nice cliffs and fjords. We had pre-booked a camp with nice jurts near the beach via, but the place didn’t exist and was fake. The real place had a different address and was a primitive camping place in the forest. We stopped at a café and found quickly a nice guesthouse with a nice view over the town Khuzhir and the coast. Khuzhir is a relaxed and touristy town with countless cafés/restaurants and B&Bs.

The guesthouse was near the “Shaman rock” – a beautiful bay/rock formation and a large white beach in the next bay.

Many cafés and shops have an “alternative” touch with art and other knick-knack. The next day we removed our luggage from the bikes and explored the southern part of the island on small and sandy tracks. It was real fun with lighter bikes.

The following day Christian arrived in the evening and we will soon meet Kai again on the mainland. “The BAM” is waiting…  :o)

2 thoughts on “Baikal – Olkhon island

  1. Nice to see you are progressing! You have had your ups and downs, but keep on driving!! Love to see you, will eat beatiful food in Lund when you come home. Take care, my friend!!

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