EAST_2017 has begun… “The Transit”

“The Transit” – Day 1. Approx 150 km today – “a shorty”.

Finally on my way after a long period of preparations and planning. 😎

A “soft” start though – just drove 150 km to the ferry Karlshamn – Klaipeda. Took a coffee break at claessonsmotor.se in Bromölla to say goodbye. Vader did fine today. Took some time to get used to the amount of luggage (90 l)…


Pole position on the ferry 🤘😎.

Will arrive in Klaipeda (Lithuania) tomorrow morning and try to cover 540 km to the Russian border (via Zilupe/Latvia). 180 km behind the border I have found a nice motel. Quite a long day – hope the border crossing will not take too much time. Then eating miles eastwards…

Patrick & Vader


14 thoughts on “EAST_2017 has begun… “The Transit”

  1. Ciao Patrick,
    Super Blog mit tollen Bildern, freue mich, Deine Reise mitzuverfolgen!
    ich wünsche dir eine Super Fahrt, alles Gute und immer schön oben bleiben ;-))
    Andres, Küsnacht, Schweiz (wir kennen uns vom coolen Tagestrip in Fuerte)

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  2. Kul att följa dig, Patrick. Lycka till! Vi hänger med dig på distans och håller koll. 🙂


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