Motorcycle repair course 

It’s done! :0)

On Monday and Tuesday the 21st and 22nd of November 2016 my individual motorcycle repair course took place. Thank you to all who contributed to this great PhD gift!!!

The course was quite a surprise in all respects. My favourite motorcycle dealer and workshop “Claessons Motor i Bromölla” ( kindly arranged an individual repair course for me. Customers are normally not allowed in the workshop area and it was quite exceptional that I could participate in working on my bike. A great big thanks to them!!!

Except for learning somehow to perform a basic service and fix a flat tire – I had no idea what was waiting for me… Well, I soon found out… :o)

I arrived a little bit excited at the workshop on Monday morning and was greeted by a friendly mechanic who guided me directly to my bike that was already waiting for me. He gave me a wrench and said: “Well, now you can start!”… Sorry – no picture of my confused expression… :o)

What was following exceeded really all my expectations. Under the supervision of the mechanic (and some help sometimes) I:

  • changed oil and oil filters
  • removed the wheels, changed/switched the tyres (manually) and fresh tubes onto my new wheel set
  • put the brake discs and a new rear sprocket onto the new wheels
  • replaced the chain and front sprocket
  • replaced the wheels
  • changed the brake pads
  • learned how to check and replace the rocker arms
  • checked the valve clearance and learned how the adjust the valve clearance with shims
  • removed and reassembled the front forks
  • replaced spark plug
  • removed my luggage rack to make place for my new reckless luggage system and replaced/changed/checked many other “small” things…

We also went through/checked my toolkit for the journey and discussed the spare parts I need take to with me on my “EAST_2017” trip to Mongolia and Siberia.

The 2 days were intense and I enjoyed every single moment. The best days since a long time ago. I have learned a lot and I am sure it will help “to return safely”. :o)

Below some pictures – please apologise the “crappy” Iphone quality, I had no other camera with me and I had no time either…



After the “surgery” – just the bash-plate is missing.

Clothes off…

Open heart surgery…
Oil change – hypovolemia…
New wheel and sprocket (changed the rear wheel again afterwards to an A60-rim and Woody’s superlite cush-hub – do not trust the Talon…)
The autopsy is going well… (note the the “nervous” pathologist behind the camera)
No blood yet…
There are some days when I think I´m going to die from an overdose of satisfaction…            (S. Dali)


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